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We are the official lawn care company of Leawood, KS. with years of servicing Leawood we have grown to know and love serving you. Leawood Lawn Care does it all from Outdoor Pest Control, Lawn Fertilizing, Lawn Aeration, Weed Control and more. Give Leawood Lawn Care Pros a call today and let’s make your lawn beautiful together.

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Who doesn’t love a beautiful yard? The truth is homeowners have an innate desire to own a lovely lawn in their exterior space. A beautiful outdoor area sings thousands of praises about your property. Plus, it increases the worth of your home. What if there are pests in your lawn? Your whole attempt to maintain an amazing yard will go in vain. So, how do you tackle the problem? Relying on a professional service such as Leawood Lawn Care Pros is the best option for outdoor pest control. A reputed service will free up your space from pesky invaders and let you cherish the much-desired exterior space.

It’s not an easy task to maintain a green, healthy, and thriving lawn. There are numerous benefits to why you should consider hiring Leawood Lawn Care Pros. Lawn fertilizing is the application of suitable fertilizers to boost the growth rate of your lawn. Fertilization is essential because it controls pests, soil diseases that affect grassroots and enhance the overall growth of your lawn. Lawn fertilizing plays a major role in maintaining a thriving, healthy, and green lawn.

Lawn aeration is a strategy that a great many people will use sooner or later to keep their lawn looking new and healthy year after year. Nonetheless, at the same time, many individuals are still left thinking about what lawn aeration is and what it does. Get the best lawn care services from Leawood lawn care pros. This is especially valid for individuals who have investigated a lawn maintenance service just because. Leawood Lawncare Pros is the best in the trade so call us today. 

Weeds are plants growing on your lawn that provides no value in terms of supplying essential nutrients or food to your lawn. Weeds tend to spread rapidly; therefore, it’s a great idea to hire Leawood Lawn Care Pros because we have enough expertise in this field. Different weeds have different color, texture, aggressiveness, and height. Weed control is the process of preventing the growth and spread of weeds on your lawn. There are numerous reasons why you should control weeds on your lawn. Start by calling Leawood lawn care pros. 

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“This company did a brilliant job in providing lawn care services. The team leader was very professional and he is responsive. Everything was perfect! I recommend them.”
Linda P.
“They did a great job pulling the weeds. They are very fast, and the workers were very friendly! I can see myself hiring them again!”
Rose M.
“They are reliable, quick, and efficient and did a great job. My lawn definitely looks great now! I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a lawn service.
Rodney C.

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Our passion is a lawn care and we have devoted the last 10+ years to being the very best in the business so we promise you will be satisfied with our lawn care services. We do every job with passion and integrity. For the best lawn care company in Leawood call Leawood Lawn care pros today.